Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Home Wishlist

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Here are a few home items that I either have, want or am saving for! I hope you guys enjoy and look forward to my apartment tour coming soon to my YouTube channel www.youtube.com/c/emanimonej

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Sunday, October 2, 2016

October Calendar

Hey bloggers and blogets,

Its Emani Mone and its already October! Where has 2016 gone? Well where ever it is I can't wait for it to be done this year has been a major transition. If you follow me on twitter you may have seen my tweet about the year and if not I put it below anyway.

 But, today I am giving you guys a calendar to help get yourself organized for the month. Being organized and timely is something I really pride myself in, I am a really visual person so not only do I have to write it down I have to see things constantly to be reminded of it. Out of sight is definitely out of mind with me so I hope this blog planning calendar and monthly calendar help out with someone else too!


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Trust N Emani

TRUST N' EMANI is going to be an ongoing YouTube series that features Trustin and myself, Emani a new couple that actually has our first conversation recorded. We thought that it would be cool to continue documenting our growth as a couple and as individuals and sharing it with the public via YouTube. #ShareLove #TrustNEmani

This episode was about my sister and I spending a day with one another going kayaking and to a cute little bakery I passed in my now old neighborhood that I thought she would like since all she does is bake 24/7 lol. Trustin and I spent the extended weekend with each other during Labor day and he made a huge sandwich at our fav morning spot we went out a lot during the weekend and didnt want to record due to sus locations but here you go :)

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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Olympus Takes You There Pt 2

Hey guys! 
As you know I live in New York so when I have a day off I usually just roam around taking photos of everything. I usually take photos of my outfits in front of the cool walls of NY, taxi’s and cool buildings that I may pass. But, while I am out all my photos are extremely unplanned moments.
I prefer urban and city settings as my subject matter of my pictures so check out the photos I took on a random day in the city.

I passed a random cat that I found painted at the bottom of a building I thought it was cute so I took a picture, which sparked other people to take interest and take a photo.
A couple blocks down I passed the new KITH store so I decided to take a picture of the storefront.
I also passed the Magnum store and I thought this ice cream statue was so cool, literally so I thought it would be nice to stop snap a photo.
Last but not least here is the infamous outfit of the day photo. I took this photo in the Lower East Side and I was so happy that I found a cool wall to fit my outfit!
While taking my cool outdoor photos I always make sure my camera’s aperture is always set at a great level for outdoor shooting. A big mistake is taking photos outside and having your brightness scale too far up so I always take a test shot and find somewhere to go inside to check if everything is up to par.
Olympus® helps me complete the picture and they can help you too!
Olympus® is giving away a free roundtrip domestic flight with the purchase of the OM-D E-M5 Mark II. The E-M5 Mark II camera has all the cool features that are perfect for a photo outing like built-in Wi-Fi for instant uploading and sharing, high megapixel resolution, and powerful image stabilization for blur-free shots. Not only that, it also has a swivel touch screen monitor - just touch to focus and shoot.

For all official rules and to enter the contest visit promotion URL, rules and entry details: www.FlyWithEM5.com
To purchase the E-M5 Mark II visit the URL http://bit.ly/2bbHv5L
This post is sponsored by Olympus® all opinions are my own

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