Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Murad Product Review

Hey everyone,

My name is Emani Jeter and I'm an Licensed Esthetician in New York City. I was gifted 3 great skincare products by Murad to test out and review. The first product I received was the Pro Biotic 4-in-1 Multi Cleanser, the second product is the Probiotic 3-in-1 Multimist and the last product is the Night Fix Enzyme Treatment.

I've been using The Probiotic 4-in-1 Multi Cleanser for almost a month with my Ultrasonic Beauty Brush and I can honestly say that this cleanser balanced my skin. I have a dry skin type and I have eczema which is a skin condition that ranges from person to person but definitely makes your skin dry. Trying the cleanser I was honestly shocked that it didn't dry me completely out. The texture of the cleanser is really silky and the formula says its gel to oil formulation so it makes total sense.

The Probiotic 3-in-1 Multimist is amazing there is a cute fragrance which was really delightful and it the product is really hydrating. I was on the fence when I smelt a fragrance especially in skincare but its so light I didnt mind. I used the Multimist after I used the cleanser and it was really hydrating and didn't leave my skin stinky which happens to me with certain mists. Only me? In addition, to using the Multimist after the cleanser I also used the Multimist after I applied makeup. I read the directions on the product and it said you could use the mist to set or refresh makeup and I honestly loved it! I used the mist to set my setting powder and it honestly kept my makeup tight all day. I stan.


Lastly, the Night Fix Enzyme treatment I have used this for a little over two weeks and I woke up with glowing radiant skin. The Enzyme treatment is supposed to help with fine lines and uneven texture and after a week and after four weeks your skin is supposed to look radiant and refreshed. The packaging for all the products were amazing anyone who knows me know I love a good purple moment. But, the products were really great as the packaging the targeted ingredient's and the philosophy behind the products is that your skin needs certain bacteria so its really cool to have a product that does that.

Here's a link to an article written by ALLURE about the philosophy of the brand and what probiotic means.


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