Monday, January 21, 2019

How To Monetize Your Blog

Hi Everyone,

Thanks so much for reading my blog post my name is Emani Mone and I am the owner of Beauty Strike a Natural Skincare line and skincare studio that specializes in corrective skincare. In today's blog post I am sharing this amazing opportunity that I get questions about at least 20 times a day. How to monetize your blog so you can eventually quit your day job. Last year I created my first course and I felt so great giving the knowledge to people who really want to learn how to further their craft.
So why should you get this course? If me being 24 years old and opening my own private studio for my skincare brand Beauty Strike is not inspiration enough here is a bullet list of things you will learn in the course. This is a self paced online course.

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How To Monetize Your Blog (without a million followers)

  • Defining your Why with printable
  • Getting and keeping Engagement
  • Quality - Start with whats around you
  • Providing Value - With printable
  • Affiliate Networks - 12 Apps & Affiliate networks that do not require a follower count + Quiz
  • Email marketing 
  • Selling Ad Space
  • Press Kit - Example press kit with free template to create your own
  • Sponsored Post - FTC laws
  • Singing to a network 


  • This course also includes a complimentary 45-min phone call to review your blog and strategize a brand identity.
Sign-up in the link below. 

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