Thursday, November 1, 2018

November Blessings

Hey Everyone!

Incase you are new to my blog my name is Emani Mone Jeter and I am the owner of Polite Society a clothing line and Beauty Strike a Vegan Friendly Spa and Cosmetic line. If you are a busy person who says you never have time to create content this post is for you. Planning your month out prepares you for life’s curve balls and no ones said your content had to go in order but just writing your ideas down tend to make them reality much faster than a thought. So there is the content planner and this wall calendar that should help you get focused and stay on schedule this November.
This month I will finally be a New York State licensed esthetician and I am so excited. This journey has been long and hard but I want to start November off right by staying consistent. Being consistent not only benefits me but also to readers like you because I am not able to always chat one on one to everyone about skincare or cosmetics or even starting your own business. So thank you everyone who has been watching my insta stories that are chock full of advice on skincare and everyone who is in my twitter fam that asks questions and is patient with a reply.
Thanks for reading sharing and liking this post

If you suffer from ingrown hair here is the best post for you!!

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