Sunday, July 1, 2018

July Calendar + Content Planner

Hey readers,

Whats going on I hope July brings everyone health, wealth and success. Planning your month out really makes for the best so the content planner and this wall calendar should help you get focused and stay on schedule.
This month I am having my anniversary party for my Cosmetics line Beauty Strike and I am so excited you can follow this link to RSVP if you live in the New York City area! If you are subscribed to my newsletter you would've received a special link to also download this cool app called HOOCH which is sponsoring the event and is giving the 1st drink away for just $1! I know right how amazing, you can find the directions to redeem this drink on the link above or simple download the HOOCH app and input code "beautystrike" no caps. Also, for 30 days you can go to any bar thats partnered with HOOCH and redeem a free drink isn't that cool?
Thanks to everyone who has been supporting my career and checking on my blogs, youtube videos and much much more while I have been getting refocused. I am making a catch up video to bring you guys back up to date on whats going on with me I am back in esthetician school so my schedule has changed a bit.

To Print: Just Open in a new window and print the full size image or from your iphone click the image and save and AirPrint. 

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