Friday, July 6, 2018

Glowy Makeup Tutorial

Hey readers,

It's Emani Mone thanks so much for taking the time to read this blog post and to subscribe if you aren't already to my weekly newsletter below. Well today I finally posted my first IGTV makeup tutorial after not being active on YouTube for like 2 months. Honestly, as a creator I love how instagram is dominating the market and I plan on focusing my attention to instagram and twitter, just an FYI my videos will still be published/shared on YouTube. While I gained over 50k views on YouTube and earned over 1.2k subscribers I think its in my best efforts to really focus and clean up my instagram content since that is where I get the most business as an entrepreneur. Speaking of content did you see my last post on creating your own content calendar? >

If you were wondering my next instagram TV video will be about how to edit an instagram TV video lol, because lord knows that took a whole two days for it to be at least 1080p quality.

Check out my glowy makeup tutorial on IGTV or on YouTube below.

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