Monday, July 23, 2018

Curl Fest Brooklyn ⚡️

Hey loves,

Its Emani Mone and this past Saturday I attended my very first Curl Fest. Curl Fest as described by the Curly Girl Collective is supposed to be a natural hair movement full of giveaways, natural hair products, giveaways and music. Although, the weather did not permit me to be out for as long as I wanted to I did enjoy the brief time I stayed at the festival. I met some beautiful readers as well as babes that support my Beauty Line Beauty Strike ( ). Thanks so much to everyone that saw me and decided to say hello and chat for awhile, it really means so much to me and honestly keeps me going.
Here's a quick recap of the event! I loved the fact that Curl Fest was in Prospect Park because I live a short walk away, hey you might even see me walking my dog there apart of my Sunday ritual. The people, the crowd was amazing so much energy females and males where there to show off and out. The entrance, now the tickets were "RSVP only" however by the time I arrived there were no gates or anything to barricade regular park goers from Curl Fest peeps, despite people who were buying RSVP's off of CurlyGirlCollective's Instagram page (which I considered then was like hell nah). Which brings me to another point, I feel like it comes time in every festivals life-spand that it becomes VERY commercial. Now I am hoping commercial sponsors does not turn Curl Fest into other festivals like the ones we've seen in the past *coughAFROPUNKcough* and it really remains true to its nature and keeps companies that love our culture involved.

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