Tuesday, May 15, 2018

MY FIRST SHEET MASK Neutrogena sheet mask #ItsInTheGel

Hey Everyone!

Thanks so much for tuning into my blog its Emani Mone make sure you sign up for my personal newsletter below and read a couple blog posts like this outfit of the day post here. Well thanks to Neutrogena I finally did my first sheet mask! Honestly, living in NYC made me really hip to beauty products since there are sections like Little Korea which has amazing beauty products. However, aside from creating my own version of a lip mask I have never tried a sheet mask. In the video below, I did a full review on how I like the sheet mask and since it was my first time using a sheet mask I definitely told you how I felt every step of the way.
Aside from the video, I did not mention that this face mask was very slippery! I later found out that the gel side was the wrong side even though it felt better to use. But, for $2.50 this mask is AMAZING. This Blog Post & Video was sponsored but I was 100% honest!

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