Wednesday, May 30, 2018

May Favorite's

Hey Lovely Readers,

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Any-who this blog post is a about my favorite products, clothing and beauty that I've been using and abusing all month. The products are linked below so go click and scroll through the list and let me know what has been your favorites in the comments and do not forget to stay tuned for my May Favorites Video on my youtube channel.


This month I took a lot of baths, I love taking baths because they calm me down especially after a stressful day. I think knowing what puts you in a better mental space is great for everyone to know and mine is taking a bath and you need bath bombs to make it lit.

Shoulder Bags

Honestly, I do not usually like shoulder bags because I find it hard to find all the unnecessary things I like to fill my bags up with. However, this month I have been wearing them almost everyday.

Off The Shoulder & Bold Tops

This month I have been loving off the shoulder tops that really show off my shape and basically steal the show of my whole outfit.

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