Monday, May 28, 2018

Career Girl Conference

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   Any who, thanks so much for reading this blog post! Yesterday was the Career Girl Conference and despite the rain there was an amazing turn out. My goal for the event was to connect people to people and people to businesses. When I was getting started I always strived for events like this one where I could meet someone who was doing what I wanted to do and personally ask them questions. Not only was that achieved but the vendors connected with people on a deeper level not just *sales* as well as the audience getting to ask questions on a 1-on-1 conversation. Whether you were starting or rebranding a business this event was the one to be at.

Whitney - Lawyer turned Blogger and Design Student

Whitney talked about stepping outside your comfort zone and jumping into that career or lifestyle that makes you scared. Whitney moved from Nigeria to London to New York city to pursue her dreams and she is very inspiring.

Streetsy - Graphic and Web Designer / Hu$tle With A Goal Owner

Streetsy spoke about creating the best content and how to create brand recognition as well as how to use each social network platform to your advantage. Not to mention time management!

Camille - Nail Technician

Camille Spoke about her journey this far as an african-american nail technician as well as her next steps on becoming a nail boss.

BK Fashion Mavens - Bloggers

Merlyn and Lauren of the BK Fashion Mavens did an amazing job hosting the event and asking the right questions as well as making sure the audience connected with each panelist.

Emani - Owner Of Polite Society and Beauty Strike

I spoke about some of my successes and some of my downfalls as an entrepreneur and I kept it very real letting the audience know I struggled financially as well as help wise from family and friends. In addition, to letting the audience know after you celebrate a big win you go ahead and plan your next win so you do not fall into depression.

The Amazing Vendors That Participated In The Career Girl Conference 

My Bomb Lashes

Earrings From @SliceOfSashaPie

Career Girl University 

Emani at the age young age of 17 years old created an extremely successful online store named Polite Society. By the age of 20 years old Emani grossed $80,000 from the Polite Society brand and she launched another brand named Beauty Strike that grossed over $15,000 in its first year. At the ripe age of 23 years old she is launching a course to teach others how to build a profitable online business.


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