Monday, April 30, 2018

I'm Back In School!

Happy Monday,

I love Mondays especially when I prepare for them most of the day on Sundays. What day is your favorite day of the week? Well last Thursday, I visited the high school I graduated from and spoke to the Cosmetology club about Entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship, is something I grew up with in my home as my mom is very successful in her Mary Kay Career. Living my adult life, I have realized seeing an entrepreneur be successful and have their downfalls is not that popularized in minority lifestyle. It's either someone is in music and playing a professional sport but living off their product craft or service is not widely popularized. Seeing minority entrepreneurs is something that the internet era and generation X & Z are now shedding light on whether it is through YouTube or Instagram Influencers the future of entrepreneurs whether you have a craft, product or service is at your finger tips and this is something I spoke to the girls about. As well as how high school life was for me.
If you are interested in becoming an Entrepreneur or a #CareerGirl I am teaming up with some strong creative women to bring you the #CareerGirlConference. Early Bird Tickets are on sale now so grab them while you can!

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