Monday, March 12, 2018

Why You Should Be Eating An Açaí Bowl

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It's Emani Mone and yes, I know you have probably seen a lot of posts with these colorful, fun and fruity bowls. 2018 is my year of growth business, emotionally and financially however you cant do that without a healthy body. Remember it is never too late to start a new way of life, because afterall your diet should be healthy and fun as you are! So lets get into it.

What is an Açai bowl? Not only do they to make a cool instagram post, what do Açaí bowls really do for you? Are Açaí bowls even good? How do you even pronounce Açaí? Well here are some long awaited answers in this blog post below.

What is an Açai Bowl?

An Açai bowl or better know properly as Açai Na Tigela is a typical brazillian dish made of frozen and mashed Açai palm fruit. It is typically served in a bowl or a glass and is typically served with banana, and then mixed with other fruits and guraná syrup.
What does Açai bowls do for you?

Açai bowls are very high in Fiber and they are a great vegan treat thats great for the summer.

Why should I eat one? Are they good?

Açai bowls are soooo delicious my favorite Açai bowl is the PB bowl from Juice Generation and no this post is not sponsored. However, most of this information pictured is from Juice Generation and related to their PB Açai bowl.

How do you pronounce Açai bowls?

Everyone thus far pronounces it differently but I say A-sah-ee. Comment below how you pronounce the bowl and whats your favorite recipe?

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