Friday, January 5, 2018

Food But Fashion (Tyra Banks Voice)

Happy 2018 everyone! New Year new content right? Well I went to Philadelphia, for New Years and tried an amazing restaurant named Silk City. The food was so good I literally wanted to go back the next day, but we tried something new *which was not as good as silk city*. I wanted to bring back the food aspect to my blog again because I realized there were predominately beauty and fashion and thats not only what is. I started this blog as a lifestyle brand and lifestyle brands cover all aspects of life and if you know me food is a BIG aspect of my life. So I hope you love my review!

So as I said before I went to Philadelphia for New Years and check out the vlog here if you want to see the whole trip. On the trip, which was a couples trip we visited the Silk City diner which was not strictly a vegetarian restaurant but had veggie options for my boyfriend who is a pesca/vegetarian. Taking this trip made me realize my first dish I literally try from every restaurant if available is the Chicken & Waffles. I have literally tried Chicken & Waffles from 5 different states in the last year and wanted to start by posting with my most recent from Silk City.

The Chicken & Waffles came with a thick gravy infused with chicken bits. The gravy could've also served as syrup and to be honest I was apprehensive about using syrup until I poured up and it tasted amazing! So the chicken was amazing as well as the waffles that were very buttery and thick I loved it. The other meals on the table included the huevos rancheros which they said was amazing as well as the vegetarian dishes of soy bbq wings.

Let me know if you've ever tried Silk City & What other restaurants to try if I'm ever in philly again!

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