Thursday, July 13, 2017

How To Record Your iPhone Screen

Hey Squad!

Its Emani Mone like I promised in my last blog post I would continue to make blogs posts and not just share my YouTube videos! In this blog post I wanted to share how to record your iphone screen as well as your computer screen.

Here are the EXTREMELY Simple Steps

How To Record Your iPhone

  1. Grab Your Mac Book
  2. Plug in your iphone with your charging cable
  3. Open QuickTime Player
  4. Click File New Movie Recording 
  5. Make sure your device is discoverable
  6. Press RECORD!
  7. Exit & Save
How To Record Your Mac Screen 
  1. Grab Your Mac Book
  2. Open QuickTime Player
  3. Click File New Screen Recording
  4. Record
  5. Exit and Save

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