Thursday, April 13, 2017

Weather Change Blues


So yesterday my boyfriend woke up with a really bad fever and of course its due to the fact the weather is changing here in NYC. A lot of people usually get sick from the weather change but I have a few methods to get rid of the fever and cold.
  Number one go to your nearest store and grab some ginger, ginger is a well known anti-bacterial, antiviral and antioxidant. Ginger is also known to stop menstrual cramps, joint pain and headaches. So to say the least ginger is really helpful when it comes to about any situation in the body.
   To start off your quick healing regimen make some ginger tea. All you need is some ginger cut up in boiling water, add lemons and honey for mucus control and if you're really about that life put some cayenne pepper in the mix to shock your system.
 Next taking a ginger bath can open your pores and make you sweat out all the bad toxins and get the good toxins in. The ginger bath is what really sealed the deal for Trustin (my boyfriend) to get better within the next day. Taking a ginger bath is as easy as cutting up some ginger while you prepare a boiling hot bath.
Lastly, I made some really spicy indian food which is not only good to eat but helps get your body moving if you know what I mean. In addition to drinking water and 100% orange juice throughout the day its a no brainer why Trustin got better. This will definitely work for you if you find yourself being sick while the weather changes.

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