Tuesday, January 31, 2017

How To Make French Toast

Hey guys,

So today I made a tweet saying I would start posting more food and meal tutorials on my blog little did you know I already recorded one. So I made breakfast this morning and thought it would be cool to do a blog post as well as a video on it. I made a very casual breakfast of Banana French toast and a parfait.

Here is What You'll Need

An Egg
Vanilla Extract Or In My Case Silk Almond Milk With Vanilla
Banana ( Extra )
Olive Oil
Bread I Used Wheat Bread


Step 1 Mix The Egg, Cinnamon and Milk Together In A Bowl

Step Two Cover The Bread Both Sides In The Mixture Until Drenched

Step Three Oil Pan Then Fry The Coated Bread Until Brown

Step Four Add A Banana If You're Fancy :p

Now You're Done! But Wait Theres More...

Parfait Time

Step 1 Grab A Glass Preferably Clear For Aesthetic

Step 2 Grab Your Favorite Yogurt

Step 3 Add Your Favorite Oats


Now Your Done EAT UP! A very easy breakfast that can be made in 15 min or less

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