Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Blue Smokey Eye Tutorial

Hey everyone, so I recorded this video originally for New Years but someone broke my computer I finally was able to reboot my older Mac daddy and edit this video. I use green screen in all my videos which makes for this awesome background as above but not able to edit on iMovie for my phone or iPad. Which sucks, but hey I love my backgrounds don't you? lol

Step 1 Use my Elf Primer Linked https://api.shopstyle.com/action/apiVisitRetailer?id=533713078&pid=uid5849-30494043-44

Step 2 I Finally Learned How To Fill In My Eyebrows

Step 3 Beauty Blend It Out With A WET beauty blender ( https://api.shopstyle.com/action/apiVisitRetailer?id=533713078&pid=uid5849-30494043-44 )

Step 4 Using My Hourglass Foundation Stick ( https://api.shopstyle.com/action/apiVisitRetailer?id=530605778&pid=uid5849-30494043-44 )

Step 5 Blend Mary Kay Luminous Foundation For Combination Skin

Step 6 Blend Foundation With Hourglass Foundation Brush ( https://api.shopstyle.com/action/apiVisitRetailer?id=533144309&pid=uid5849-30494043-44 )

Step 7 Set With Mary Kay Pressed Mineral Powder

Step 8 Blend A Base brown color on the crease of your eye ou can use take to make sure it doesn't go outside of the section

Step 9 Apply concealer to lids to make sure the eye color stays

Step 10 Dark blue mary kay color

Step 11 Light blue mary kay color

Step 12 Blend colors together

Step 13 Add highlight to face blend and done!

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