Monday, November 21, 2016

Shake N Go Brazilian Remy Bohemian Curl Hair Review

This video is about Shake-N-Go Naked Nature Brazilian Remy Bohemian Curl Hair. Bohemian Curly Hair Review I have dyed this hair, bleached this hair and have not permed this hair. This bundle came with 2 18 inch bundles 2 20 inch bundles and 2 22 inch bundles with a closure that I did not use. I have a vixen sew-in that has four parts. To blend my hair I do twist outs and use gorilla snot gel the yellow bottle on my edges.

Beware it does flake up a little bit after a day or two.  Like I said in the video I saw this hair in over 3 hair stores and chose the one with the cheapest price. I paid about $170 for this hair. If you guys want to know anything else about this hair let me know I can make another video or a separate blog post.

The Lipstick I Have On

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My Wash N Go Tutorial

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