Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Hey blog readers I hope everyone is doing fine on today. If this is your first time reading my blog I do live in the United States and Donald Trump just won the spot for the 45th president, while I am saddened sickened and upset. I still did my part and voted but I also hope that fellow Americans spirit are not crushed.

What a great day for my anniversary! My boyfriend Trustin and I are celebrating our 6 month anniversary today. We have a YouTube series that is Named Trust N Emani you should watch ad subscribe to! I am also rejoicing in paying off my early 22nd birthday gift to myself(I purchased this bag pre-loved and made payments over this year to buy the bag for my 22nd birthday) which is the Chanel bag as seen in the picture above as well as below in the stoppable links I created for you guys. I love being short because the chains for the bag almost fit me perfectly cross body which a lot of tall people have problems with.

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