Thursday, August 25, 2016


TRUST N' EMANI  is going to be an ongoing YouTube series that features Trustin and myself, Emani a new couple that actually has our first conversation recorded. We thought that it would be cool to continue documenting our growth as a couple and as individuals and sharing it with the public via YouTube. #ShareLove #AdventuresOfEmaniTrust

This episode was a bit of life happening fast so I literally only recorded some parts of our days, the first was us going to dinner in the City ( New York) at a vegan restaurant (Trustin is a vegetarian) and Trustin surprised me with a watch its so cute and even made me cry. I love it so much :) the day after I watched him play basketball and he's mad I didn't get him "kicking up" in the scene lol afterward the next day we finally went to get his tooth pulled if you saw this episode  you would've saw that he chickened out the first time (he has a real fear of the dentist) then we went to the mall aka one of my favorite places. The next day was me at my house in brooklyn after I got hit by a car (I'm alive so I'm good) then out to dinner with my friend at a restaurant near my house then watching the sunset in Williamsburg.

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