Saturday, August 6, 2016

Pop-up Pool 057

If you live in New York City, you of course know how expensive it is so me a 21-year old who just got my first apartment definitely is always up for finding free and cool things to do such as this one. I vlogged my day that I spent with my little sister and wanted to create a guide on the Pop-up pool in Brooklyn Bridge Park to give parents and big sisters alike something to do for free in New York.
Watch My Vlog Below and Hopefully My Guide Helps All!

So I definitely suggest coming earlier than later because seats with an umbrella are VERY limited. The area alone is not that big of a space so if you want a seat make sure you come early.


The pool actually works on a wrist band system where you stand in line to get a wrist band and then you swim for about 45 minutes. You can stand in line and receive wrist bands as many times as you want just make sure you get there while they are being distributed.

What to bring with you

An Umbrella there might or might not be seats in the sand with an umbrella but having your own makes a difference.
Plenty of water
Flip flops for the bathroom
Baby Wipes (Never trust public bathrooms)
Your Smile and A Good Attitude!

The Food Is So Expensive Here So I Suggest You Bring Your Own and Plenty Of It!

LIZZMONADE is so good though

Check Out The Official Website To Opening and Closing Times

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