Sunday, June 26, 2016

Glazed Teriyaki

So two days ago I received the opportunity to have a free meal at this super cool restaurant named Glaze. Glaze specializes in teriyaki how you love it, they have tofu options as well as a menu of delicious additionals to make your meal special. I really felt like Glaze is really convenient because it's right across the street from Union Square also the wait time is really fast I received the meal above in under 10 minutes while watching the short order cook make everything fresh. Something that really caught my eye about the establishment is that they use reusable glass bowls for dine-in customers and wash them fresh for new customers orders. All together I rate my experience an A+ to find a Glaze near you visit 

This review was not paid for or suggested these are my own thoughts and feelings. All photos by me <3 thanks for reading, commenting and subscribing 

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