Friday, May 6, 2016


This past Wednesday I went to the LISTERINE® Lab for the #BringOutTheBold campaign! I was lucky enough to be chosen for this campaign because I am a bold individual who like most LISTERINE® users live life out loud. The boldest thing I've done as a 21 year old thus far was my recent move to Brooklyn, New York. But, if you follow my blog and instagram/twitter you would see I am always taking spontaneous trips and vacations so the move wasn't really shocking since I do a lot of business in New York.

I was so excited to be apart of this experience we learned so much about oral hygiene, the LISTERINE® brand and I had the chance to meet so many cool bloggers that live across the tri-state.

Personally, oral hygiene is very serious to me because I think the smile is the most attractive thing about someone. Not to mention, many diseases are most found to show symptoms in your mouth such as bad breath.

Principal Speaker DR. Lee Gause (on the left) gave my fellow bloggers and I this very valuable piece of information 
"If your gums bleed at a light touch you have gingivitis" 

For as long as I remember I have been using LISTERINE® brand mouthwash apart of my normal oral hygiene routine. I usually brush twice a day (morning, night or after I eat) and floss everyday to ensure I have the best smile and teeth health possible.

Here's some of the products we viewed, tested and learned about.
Each mouthwash is literally tailored to what you need for your mouth whether it's whitening, enamel protection or just killing bad breathe. 

Another speaker named Tara Fourre told all of us that the
 "LISTERINE® brand coined the phrase Halitosis"

Overall the experience was really informative and fun I really enjoyed meeting the people behind the LISTERINE® mouthwash.

I did the LISTERINE® swish test in which I brushed my teeth and took the results, then I rinsed my mouth out with water then took the results then rinsed boldly with LISTERINE®  for 30 seconds and the bacteria in my mouth was virtually GONE and I felt like I had a brand new set of teeth.

But, stay tuned for a special giveaway from LISTERINE® via my instagram
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