Friday, February 5, 2016


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Its Emani Mone and today I'm sharing a few products that I use to keep my skin and lips looking and feeling amazing all winter long. All the products that I mention are listed below (clickable) and available through the websites for purchase. Number one on the grid Mary Kay timewise night and day solution which actually has an spf in it which is great for not letting marks on your face get darker and to keep your skin healthy. The EOS lip balm is something I think all women should have because its compact it doesn't get dirty and it is good for your lips! Next to the EOS balm is a thing Mary Kay calls Satin Lips but I call paradise. Because in the winter time our lips can get so dry and crackled, Mary Kay came out with a dual lips set which in the first step you refine your lips and get the dead layer of skin cells off and the second step you moisturize. I think the satin lips are a necessity for winter men and women. 
winter skin care routine

Second row first product is the Mary Kay timewise moisturizer which is a light weight moisturizer without any harsh added ingredients. Next to the moisturizer is the Oil-free makeup remover, I decided to put this into my skin care routine because without a healthy makeup free face how can you take care of your skin? Next to the Mary Kay oil-free makeup remover is VICHY Idealia serum which helps with skin tone improvement as well as elasticity in your skin and this product really works well, add with the mary kay timeless for spf to prevent any spots from darkening and your skin will be clear in two weeks or less. On the bottom row we have the 3 in 1 cleanser it cleanses, exfoliates and clears any problematic skin, but this formula is not made of any harsh ingredients. Second to lastly is the Physicians Formula Moroccan Argan Oil, my favorite and my most travelled with item because it is basically summer in a bottle. Your skin in the winter time becomes a little dull and I feel this oil is a way to brighten it up and keep your skin looking healthy. Lastly for the body is Eucerin, Eucerin for me has been a major life saver because I have eczema and my skin gets really dry the formula works on my skin and they don't use heavy dies or fragrances.

Thank you for reading and I hope I helped with your winter skin care needs! 

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