Tuesday, January 19, 2016



Hey lovely readers,

Today I'm bringing you guys an ootd of mine that is inspired by a barbie doll my little sister was playing with (literally lol). While this post is an ootd I have so much exciting news to share. So first but of exciting news I am really starting to vlog more I even made a short day blog of me going to the city (New York City) picking some stuff up from my showroom then heading to an art gallery as well as visiting the famous $1 dumpling spot in the lower east side. You can watch the full video here https://youtu.be/LsYdeRX4ZfM and get a taste of things I see on a day to day basis. Secondly, I am making my new collection for men and women for this summer and if you followed my journey of PoliteSocietyStore.com you know it'll be my first summer line for men. Lastly, I officially decided to dedicate a weekend out of every month to visit somewhere I never visited and blog about it? Doesn't that sound fun?!

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  1. That jacket is gorgeous! As if it is from Forever 21! You look stunning!
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