Tuesday, December 1, 2015

November Favorites: Skin Care


Happy December!
  Its Emani Mone and I just wanted to share a few items that my skin has absolutely loved over the last month. So number one in the picture the Black Biore charcoal bar soap. The bar soap is actually meant for your face but I use it all over my body just to open some pores and really clean my skin because I have eczema and need a good surface to apply thick creams daily. The soap is really invigorating because it is mint infused BUT be careful it can burn if applied anywhere near the eyes. Next is the Deep pore charcoal cleanser it is also infused with mint and is a very light weight cleanser that makes your skin feel and appear much cleaner. Next, is the acne minimizer I feel like its basically the same thing as the cleanser but in a stronger level. Meaning I feel like this product dries my skin out if I use more than once a week. Bringing us to the PORE STRIPS I literally always wanted to use these things! They were a little tricky at first but once a actually read the directions they worked, the really really worked! I was so happy because the pores on my nose are so huge and it really minimized them about 3x. Finally, bringing you to the little pink bottle of magic. That bottle is even complexion essence by Mary Kay cosmetics this literally transforms any dark spot on your skin into its rightful color. I've been using this product on and of for about three-years and every spot with two uses per day will be gone within 14 days. Finally, to moisturize I put the mary kay velocity lightweight moisturizer on. The product has been updated since then but my mom sells mary kay so I still have a few of the oldies but goodies. 
Here are a few links to the products listed above.
Note: The velocity moisturizer has been repackaged to be the Clear Proof Moisturizer, same product different bottle.

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