Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Miami Mami


So if you follow me on any type of social network you knew I went to Miami, Florida for Art Basel. Art Basel was amazing and definitely the most business and fun I have ever had in Miami and I've been three times this year alone, so thats really saying something. I rented an airbnb for myself and I received a coupon of $20 off which I am now sharing with you (bottom of this post) just incase you have a trip coming up! I also took lyft and uber everywhere and with my $20 & $15 codes (also at the bottom of this post) my rides weren't THAT expensive although they did cost a bit for the length of time I was there.
I had a couple events I was in for Art Basel and also had family down in Miami that also had a couple of events as well so it was really fun seeing and connecting with the creative side of my family. Not to mention it was my 21st birthday!! For all those who didn't know how old I am I just turned 21 years old and it was great to celebrate with the people I did. Check out a small portion of my photo diary more info on Art Basel and some of the events I actually attended is here on my magazine

Lyft Code $30 Free Ride "Emani832374"
Uber Code "Uberbossup" $15 On Your First Ride
Airbnb $20 off Code  www.airbnb.com/c/emone1?s=8

Check Out A Small Photo Diary!

A Polaroid I had no clue that was taken of me but it turned out amazing!

A cool building I passed and actually thought hey let me take a picture of it instead of just remembering it lol! Im so in the moment at times.

The reason I took this trip! www.PoliteSocietyStore.com & www.PoliteSocietyMagazine.us

This was actually on my birthday I was clearly feeling myself!

Took this on my way to an event the backdrop was perfect just wish i had a better camera with me at the moment.

I Took This Image In Wynnwood Very Cool Art and A Great Place For Blogger Photos

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