Thursday, November 19, 2015

Exciting News! + Polite Society Look Book

Hey readers! Thank you for baring with me during the stressful finals week and getting an actual part-time job thing. I have owned an online store named Polite Society ( for about three years now and I just recently released the second cut and sew collection. I actually just received some really good news about my brand as well. I'm going to be featured in Art Basel this year alongside some other amazing designers! I am so excited number one because Art Basel is during my birthday weekend and also, because I get to travel again and traveling is my first love if you didn't know. The last trip I took was to Detroit in October, to go to an event my friend curated which you can read about  here Any who here is the most recent look book shoot for my brand Polite Society. Tell me what you think blog family I really value your guys opinion on my work and love to just come here as a safe place to vent and get out ideas, projects and help other people such as my post about depression ( ) and self confidence ( ).
The look book and items are also available for watch/purchase at  and for reading my blog post and shopping with me on your first order take 10% off with code "EmanisBlog" at checkout. Also, I offer free U.S shipping over $90+
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