Tuesday, October 13, 2015

SoundCloud Love

 Running to classes at 8am, juggling the relaunch and rebrand of my online magazine and online store I need to make sure not only am I eating right but my mind is calm. So lately I've been really taking control of my SoundCloud and finding really mellow tracks to just listen to while working, going to school, doing homework or even writing posts. In fact, I am listening to the song below while writing this post.

For me music is always tricky, don't get me wrong I do listen to mainstream music but I just don't like to ingest too much of anything really. I honestly prefer music with little to no words and just a calm beat with high and low tempos. You know like gym music lol.

What type of music to you prefer? Leave me a comment with a genre or song you think I should check out.

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