Thursday, October 15, 2015

Jewelry Wishlist

The other day I wrote about my Zara wish list and how much I need those boots now today I am writing about my body jewelry wish list. So while I was taking a gander at my jewelry box I decided to let somethings go and pass them on to my sister on the same hand, I noticed I was missing something. My initialed earrings and belly ring! I'm so glad I found this website that sells quality jewelry because as I have mentioned in the past I have eczema so I can't wear certain jewelry or else I'll breakout. 

My Picks

Top Left: I love the design because I've recently been obsessed with square diamonds. 
Bottom Left: It's my birth stone :) I am born in December so Turquoise should be good luck right? I always wanted something from my birth stone collection.
Top Right: I have a nose ring similar to that one but since it is real it's really heavy in my nose so the clip on version should be a bit better. 
Bottom Right: I want a belly ring and earring set that have my initial! 


I also found these two septum rings I fell in love with as well! I mean what girl doesn't love gold? I found one option for me since I have my septum pierced but I also found another (cuter) clip on version.

Make sure you check out and let me know what your favorite piece of jewelry was, it may be my next purchase!
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Emani Mone

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  1. I like the rose gold septum ring, it looks beautiful.the freshtrends jewelry is very beautiful, as also as the ouferjewelry.


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