Monday, October 19, 2015

Dream Interior


So I am totally having thoughts of moving and where I want to be next and my pinterest board is literally no help. I keep having thoughts and dreams about my perfect place and I found some elements I really love in each of the pictures below. Hopefully, I can have my dream interior someday soon!

I really want to live in a 2 floor loft space not only because they are so cool, but because I own an online store and would love the separation between business and living space.

A nice canopy area for relaxing probably reading a book or playing video games really comfortable. This seems like a great way to have an escape room without actually having an additional room.

I saw a blog post on Love Aesthetics about a year ago and she had a branch as a closet rail and I just thought this was genius because not only could this be for clothes it could also be for everyday bags at the door way. 

I love the hardware of this kitchen while I wouldn't do an all white tile because I just know first hand kitchens should always have something washable behind the stove. But, I love how since the hardware is white and silver all the pieces in the kitchen (pot, bowls) have a color pop.

I love everything about this kitchen except for the cabinets I would love to either see salvaged white wood or really dark mahogany wood on the cabinet face. It would also save cleaning time and make the space look more chic.

Anyone who knows me knows I love brick walls. I love them and anywhere I move needs to have one I even found a website that sells fake brick tiles to put on a wall.

Being a women of course I want a cool shoe closet, but I would really like to just see all my clothes instead of always playing the guessing game with what I should wear and really only wearing about 3% of my closet.  

A bathtub is a must, I need somewhere to soak in and throw my lush bath bombs into. It's just something about taking a bath and letting your hair down.

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  1. It’s such a lovely and beautiful post! I’d like to say that I’ve been reading your blog for some time and I like your style of writing and the posts that you shares with us! Great job!

    Diana Cloudlet

  2. Oh me too please! I love those interiors, they are so light and airy. I am so ready for my dream place.


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