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  So yesterday on POLITESOCIETYMAGAZINE.US the BALMAIN X H&M look book was unveiled and I was in complete shock because most items look like they are from the premiere line. Thinking because this was a collaboration and not an official line for the power house Balmain I thought the H&M version would be a bit knock offy but, I was pleasantly surprised. The silhouettes of the women's garments are my favorite part of the collab. Below are my favorite pieces from the collaboration with my explanation of what and why they are my favorites. 
I love this dress because it looks knitted which means warm but yet comfortable and chic.

This dress is sooo cute I just honestly love the color pop and the fact that the collab took a risk with this dress with is asymmetrical designs and what looks like a plush cotton fabric.

I've had my eye on this dress since I seen Kendall Jenner rocking this and of course the only shoe to wear is a super tall heeled boot which I just purchased :)

BalmainMy birthday is 12/07 so I kinda want this to be my birthday dress lol

I honestly want these pants because they are suede and look very form fitting which is great for petite people like me.

I love this top because it sort of looks like the body suit Kim was wearing when she was in the blonde phase but I think the top would look cool with a pair of super skinny black jeans and a nice pair of either black heels or the black and gold booties from my Zara boot wishlist (the third pair). 

I love having a few men's pieces in my closet and I think this jacket would be great to my collection. I could wear it over a T shirt dress with some boots.
What are your favorite looks?
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