Sunday, August 2, 2015

Tea Time 8/01/15

So yesterday my mom had a brunch for her Mary Kay team because of their accomplishments in the Mary Kay year and to celebrate she set a reservation for a tea party. The place we went to was a real life tea house with classical music playing in the background and not to mention it was black owned. The experience was amazing and although portions were small I was really full at the end. My favorite part of the whole outing was everyone wearing beautiful dresses and hats not to mention my pink tea(even though it was called mango in paris lol)!

Always start with silver wear from the outside in no matter if theres more spoons or forks on the place setting. 
This Mushroom Soup Was Really Really Really Amazing. It Wasn't Watery But It Was Really Rich And Custardy. 
Hat - Forever 21
Dress - Tube Dress From Sorella Boutique
These sandwiches were so good although they had some quirky things in it. 

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