Monday, August 10, 2015

Roscoes Chicken + Waffles

So when I was in Los Angeles I made it a mission to go eat at Roscoes... I mean why not?! Apart of my budget for the trip was to make sure I ate at Roscoes as well as few other places that Im going to post about soon. ROSCOES WAS AMAZING. Honestly, this place was not hyped up at all and I was so glad I went. They had this drink called the sunset that mixed fruit punch and lemonade and they surprisingly didn't touch. I tried the classic chicken and waffle special that came with three pieces of chicken and 1 waffle totaling at $11. The next day (because Im fat) we went back and I ate the chicken and cheese omelette. The egg literally melted into the chicken and the cheese and it was so so good. If you're ever in California I really advise you to go and try some.

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