Thursday, August 6, 2015

5 Things Traveling Taught Me

If you have been following my blog or any of my social networks for a while you will see I have done a lot of traveling this year. Traveling was one of my many new years resolutions that I intended to keep. But, not all trips were amazing and not all trips were complete bummers. Here are a few things traveling has taught me.

Travel Tips

1.) Always have your budget clear. Know how much transportation costs, be prepared to take a cab/bus or uber (Use Code "UberBossUp" for $20 Off Your First Ride) if you cannot rent a car. Make sure you plan out how much you want to spend on meals a day or a week depending the length of travel. Take out cash in advance or track your card purchases. I prefer cash so I can split everything up into days of spending, when I use my card my money magically disappears. 

2.) Make sure to keep in contact with family or friends. In this case it means buying a portable charger because if you have a phone of this generation they never stay charged all day especially if you are taking pictures and videos; which you will because its a trip! Portable chargers however do require a long period of time to charge if you want them to be able to fill your phone back up. 

3.) Make sure sleeping arrangements are good. I have ended up in situations where the host has changed their mind so make sure you always have a back up plan such as AirBnb. A lot of Airbnb hosts have the options of an instant book just incase something happens! (Use My Code "EMone1" For $25 off Your Airbnb)

4.) Be comfortable and have confidence. Nothing is worse than going to a brand new city and not knowing where you are going especially if you have plans to meet up or get something done with someone. But, overall you have to maintain confidence or else sad to say it you can become a target for robbers or worse. I always maintain alert and conscious of my surroundings because I travel alone a lot.

5.) Have fun & Take pictures! I usually take a lot of pictures but feel some just don't need to be posted because they are personal or involve people who don't want to be featured on my blog (they suck). But, I now have my tripod for my iPhone 6+ which was hard to find! But now I can capture so many more moments even if I'm alone because of the self timer ;)

I hope this could help you out some way somehow as I continue to travel I will share more on what I learn and what mistakes not to make!

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