Saturday, July 25, 2015

California Love

So I've been in California for the past week and I've tried and seen so many things! My number one pit stop was California Donuts which is open 24/7 and has 3 locations I believe. I read throughout their instagram comments to see which donuts are the best and that was the Blueberry Toast Crunch and the Lucky Charms. Well the Lucky charms one was ways to sweet for me but the Blueberry toast crunch was amazing. 


On My Way To Melrose To Visit Nasty Gal and the infamous pink wall where almost every Los Angeles Fashion Blogger Takes photos I passed a really nice house with bamboo and some some graffiti which actually helped my mood 10000x that day. 

Down the block from Nasty Gal there was a quaint flower shop and I made a short clip of it that I'm going to edit into a full video of my California trip. But, as soon as I walked into Nasty Gal I saw Karreuche! How cool. 

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