Tuesday, June 16, 2015

What To Wear: On A Plane

Hi lovely readers!

 Thank you for watching my growth as a blogger and online store owner! I am in a season of blessings and hope all my readers are as well. I am getting read to jet set once again and I thought it would be cool to re-launch my segment on my blog named What To Wear. In these posts I will literally just share outfits I would wear while going to places like a dinner party, running errands or even going on a plane!
  So today check out a few outfits I'd wear going on a flight to LA, California. The flight is about 6 hours so my style choices are comfy, breathable and shoes that easily come off for that TSA check. Hope you like my style choices and see where you can find these items in the links below the collages.

Boarding In 10 minutes

Shirt - www.Simons.ca or click direct link http://bit.ly/1Ih68qx

Shoes - Isabel Marant Click Direct Link http://bit.ly/1SjsbUI

Quote - Emani Mone Instagram http://bit.ly/1JRgljk

I've Been Here Before

Dress - Chloe www.Simons.ca Or Click Direct Link http://bit.ly/1MYm852

Shoes - Valentino Rockstud Flats http://bit.ly/1Ih7Aco

Bag - Gary Small Bag http://bit.ly/1fdWRss


Top - Elizabeth And James www.Simon.Ca http://bit.ly/1MH0pOi

Skirt - Elizabeth and James www.Simon.ca http://bit.ly/1Ih8p51

Shoes - Comme Des Garcon Sneakers - http://bit.ly/1Bf0uIz

 Beach After Landing

Jumpsuit - Alexander McQueen www.Simon.Ca http://bit.ly/1KUmGK4

Shoes - Loeffler Randall Sedona Flats http://bit.ly/1Ldhq23

Swimsuit - Manhattan Beach Monokini http://bit.ly/1Gpgkzc

Thanks for reading, commenting and subscribing! 

Emani Mone

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