Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Summer Length | Growing Out Your Hair With 4 Steps

I know people always give you false hope on these posts proclaiming you can grow your hair 3 inches in a month if you do this or that. Truth is everyone has a limit to how much your hair can grow in one month. Doctors say your hair can only grow an inch and a half a month while I have seen my hair grow way past that. Let me break down some steps so you can learn to retain length and get those locks to grow.

Retaining length

  • In simpler word STOP BREAKING YOUR ENDS OFF. You will not see length if you keep splitting your ends. So go get a trip or a chop if you want so you can have nothing but healthy hair because there is nothing worse than having long hair with dead ends. 
  • Another way you can retain length is by wearing your hair in "protective styles". A protective style is a hairstyle that protects your hair against weather and harsh conditions that can damage your hair. 

Here Is A Protective Hairstyle I Did A Year Ago. 

Its What You Eat

  • You are what you eat has never been this simple. If you eat trash your body does not thrive, so yes that means no Mcdonalds, Burger King or any of that icky stuff that has no real vitamins and minerals. Also, something that not only helped my hair grow but my skin and nails was drinking at least 6 bottles of water a day. I honestly think it even improved my weight loss and gain, although that is a thought do not quote me! lol

Get some vitamins!

I recently tried Natures Bounty Hair, Skin and Nails Gummies and I can honestly say I am impressed. When I tried these vitamins I first noticed a change in my nails they grew longer and stronger! Then my skin at first because I was not eating healthy while taking these vitamins I broke out but it quickly went away when I started drinking more water. Lastly I noticed my hair was starting to shine and grow longer! I love these vitamins honestly but if you want to try to look for another brand make sure they have biotin in them because thats what our hair is made of. 

I also read the percentage of each vitamin and the gummies turned up to have a higher percentage of biotin than the softgels.

Avoid Excessive Heat 

  • We all hear people say don't put heat in your hair if you want it to grow. Honestly, in most case studies our hair grows more in the summertime which is in the heat! You can put heat in your hair just don't fry it, remember to use a heat protectant spray and deep condition A LOT if you want to use heat. 
  • Also, remember to oil your ends to prevent splitting.


If you want a tutorial comment tutorial and i'll make a video <3 I did this on my natural curly hair without straightening it. 

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