Friday, May 1, 2015

Lets Go To Miami!

   T-minus 15 days I'll be in sunny Miami. Although I am going for work and play its clear skies and warm water will definitely change my glum attitude I've been having. In preparation for the trip I wanted to do a little last minute shopping. So I made this collage of things I either have and love or is on my buying wish list!

Here Are All The Items In My Collage!

Teal Kimono -
Egyptian Gold Dress -
Maxine Maxi Shirt -
White Lightning Maxi Dress -
Boho Crochet Shorts -
Midnight runner shade -
Clay Mountain Bikini -
Pretty Clear Clutch -
Desert Haze Bikini -
Charcoal Wrap Skirt -
Manhattan Beach Monokini -

Comment which is your favorite item!
Once again thanks for reading, commenting, subscribing!

Emani Mone

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