Monday, April 13, 2015

Summer Highlights

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Don't you love summer? It changes you hair color, your skin color and sometimes even your eye color. In the summer my hair gets lighter due to the U.V rays of the sun although it's sometimes annoying because my edges tend to get lighter than my whole head, I've managed to get used to it. I recently dyed my hair darker using Shea Moisture's hair color system which boasts to use all organic ingredients and have a natural pleasant smell. 
  My hair regimen contains Shea Moisture products so I was very shocked when I found out that they have hair dye. If a conversation about curl patterns did not randomly spark at Zara with this beautiful lady then I would have never known! lol Her hair was such a pretty shade of honey blonde I just had to know what she used and did it change her hair texture in any way. My curl pattern has changed in the past when I dyed my hair black with some Walgreen's brand, it was horrible and I vowed never to do it again. So when I went to target to purchase I was very skeptical but the end results were amazing.

  Upon opening the package I was really surprised with the amount of products it came with. I was so happy they threw in the moisture retention shampoo and the restorative conditioner because I wanted to try it apposed to my usual Coconut & Hibiscus ritual. After mixing the product together to make the dye come to life I noticed that the smell was really calm so calm I didn't even think the product would work to be honest. My hair naturally is different shades all around so to try to make them even I put the dye on areas that my hair is darkest first and lightest last which actually is from bottom to top. I left the dye on my hair for about 15-25 minutes and saw results immediately. This product did not burn my scalp which I have to be careful with because I have eczema and it did OVERLY dry out my hair. I say overly because every dye is going to somewhat dry out your hair. But, after I used the shampoo and conditioner AND oil the dye came with I was back to my normal balance and I had no curl damage. Not to mention, my hair has been smelling amazing for the past week. The little trial sizes of these products made me want the whole line. I hope you try it and fall in love just like I did! 

I am thinking about making a video on my hair regimen comment if you would love to see it ^_^

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*this blog post is not sponsored by shea moisture but is in affiliation with the target brand*

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