Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Jean-Michel Basquiat Exhibit

So Friday I received an email from Flavorpill which is an email marketing company that sends you the trending things to do near you. I'm not going to lie I usually ignore the emails, but in the Subject box they had Baquiat so I knew it was a must read. Turns out Jean-Michel Basquiats' journals were making its way back to Brooklyn Museum and since I missed them last summer I thought "first Saturday" would be the best time to see them. Also, at the Brooklyn Museum there was an exclusive stream of The Radiant Child,  by Tamra Davis, which I can watch 100x a day and never get tired of. Not to mention the first 330 tickets were free. I did not get to take a lot of images because I decided somethings are best experienced and sometimes cameras lack what the eyes can see. So I encourage you to see this masterfully curated exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum soon!


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