Monday, April 27, 2015

City Of Angels

If you follow me on instagram you know I went to California. After a long year I finally took a vacation to refuel and reboot for the new quarter of the year. I recently quit my 9-5, or 9-9 as I would call it and took my Online Store Full-Time. I booked this vacation literally a week before I knew I was quitting because that is the only rest I'm going to get until I reach the goal of comfortably opening a brick-and-mortar store. I met a lot of cool people and have plans of going back in July to shoot a bunch of promo photos/videos for as well. Take a look at my photo journal while I was down there. Some images I couldn't post because the sun in California vs an Iphone camera tends to not agree! 
Santa Monica Beach
@Zolee_G Wearing
Santa Monica Beach 
Across The Street From My Airbnb
This Guy Was Selling Them Down The Block From My Airbnb

Across The Street

House Plants
I Was In The Car While I Took This Shot
Shot A Couple Items With @_UrbanLegend (Instagram)
Doing A Shoot Here When I Get Back
Believe It Or Not We Only Stopped Here For Chipotle #CriesInFatGirl 
Just Landed Outfit #ComfyGirl
Different Location With @_UrbanLegend (Instagram)
Santa Monica At Night *Heart Eyes*
The Infamous Lights At LA Museum
Beach Cover Up Outfit 
The Lights Again
Yeah I Had To *HeartEyes* lol 
Until Next Time! 

If your from preferably the downtown LA area let me know some cool spots to eat or check out when I am back in town!! 

Btw, I stayed in an AIRBNB that was very comfy and situated in the middle of everything. If you'd like to book an airbnb instead of an expensive hotel heres a link to $25 off.

Heres a link to my blog post about what an airbnb is <3

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Emani Mone 

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