Sunday, October 5, 2014

Lazy Sundays... | Reflecting

Hey Everyone!

  Its Emani and today is Sunday which is usually my time to reflect from the week I have had and to plan for the one ahead of me. Well about two days ago my phone literally factory reset itself and I lost majority of my contacts and a lot of images. At first I was a little sad because I honestly do not like to delete things and whenever a new iPhone comes out the old ones start acting crazy. Then I took this as an opportunity to start over meaning getting certain people and things whom are just lingering out and in with the new. I felt like that happening was a sign to let go of old friendships or just relationships that bared no fruit. So to sum my last week up, although a few bad things happened I always made sure the important things remained at the top priority and I gave all my energy toward those things and the less important stuff, or negative things did not receive any energy. This year is almost over and I still have one big goal to complete for myself so wasting energy on things you can't change is just pointless. Focus on the things that present itself to you, everything will work out exactly how its supposed to.

The Outfit
Do you feel that Autumn breeze? Well I do and I am pulling out my knit sweaters and fur vest(my essentials). This outfit is really casual and simple. I'm going bowling today and I just wanted to be relaxed and comfy!

Shoes - Gifted
Pants - American Apparel High Waisted Denim
Sweater - Urban Outfitters
Vest - PacSun


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