Thursday, September 25, 2014

Rainy Days | Jacket Season! Coat Season?

Hey Blog Bunnies,

Is it not funny how a couple days ago we were all at the beach and now we're searching for our newest leather or jacket to add to the collection? Well today it is raining so hard where I live so I decided to post this look I was saving for just the occasion. My whole outfit is an ode to the grey color palate with my comfortable distressed shirt, awesome high waisted white pants (that give me a little butt :p) and adding a plastic jacket, which is apart of my Autumn|Winter Collection for

The Outfit
Jacket - Rain Jacket 
Top - Distressed Shirt In Grey From
Pants - High Waisted Denim
Shoes - Zara NYC.

Thanks For Reading! Comment on this post and tell me how's the weather in your area?!

Emani Mone

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