Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Autumn Leather | Update

Leather Biker Jacket From PoliteSocietyStore.com

Hey Blog Bunnies!

   Pull out your cable knit sweaters, boots and leather jackets its Autumn! Although, I have been wearing my leather jacket since I felt a chill in august I thought I'd incorporate my new go to jacket in this blog post. This jacket has so much stitch detail it makes any outfit look a million bucks (thats my new favorite thing to say). Also, not to forget the hardware is all silver which I really love because it allows the details pop out a little more on the sleeve.
   Well since summer is over I was thinking of making a short video on YouTube with random clips and vines I took of my summer? Would that be cool..or no? lol Either way, I had an amazing summer I just had my FIRST fashion show for my online store PoliteSocietyStore.com. The models were amazing and not to mention so beautiful. I really thank god for sending me these people into my life because I was literally lost planning most of it. But, everything went so so SO well. I sold out of tickets online and at the door, which I was really scared I was not going to do. There were issues with seating but thank god for having my back and making it rain! People bought tickets and did not even show up! lol I was sad|happy because we were missing about 30 seats in the venue. At the end I really learned A LOT, especially, with people you never know who is going to have your back and who is not. Isn't it crazy how people who have no idea who you are want to help you and support you rather than the people who actually know you real first and last name?! But, anyway its Autumn a new season with a new reason. Hopefully, whatever your goals are you try to get them done before the year is over! I still have one down to go ;)

 The Outfit

Leather Biker Jacket - PoliteSocietyStore.com
Cami - Forever 21 (But Just Turned 30 JK lol)
High Waist Denim - PoliteSocietyStore.com
Snake Skin Pumps - Enzo Angiolini

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