Thursday, August 21, 2014

Autumn Update | Fashion Show In NYC

Hey blog bunnies!

  It's Emani Mone and I have been missing in action from my blog planning this awesome fashion show I have in September for my online store. I am literally curating everything from the clothes, to the music, goodie bags, guest list by my lonesome. But, I have been receiving help from people I did not even expect. I am so so sooo grateful to all the people who have been supporting me and actually taking an interest in what I am putting together no matter if their intentions are right or wrong.
   Well today I am sharing a look that will be featured on my website Take a look I hope you love it just like I do! And remember if you live in the tri-state are a to order your tickets and see what I have been M.I.A so long for.

Outfit Recap
Blazer -
Shirt - Zara
Skirt -
Boots - Zara

Thanks For Reading & Don't Forget To Get Your Fashion Show Tickets At!

Emani Mone

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