Tuesday, June 24, 2014

White Mediterranean Interior | Interior Tuesdays

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It is Emani Mone and as you all know this is one of the first weeks of summer! In the summer time people are most concerned about their bodies and health and forget the home. Personally, I love changing up my room in the summer time just because each season is a time of renewal. If you are like me than here is some fun easy ways to change it up for summer.
  I have been obsessing on transparent chairs for awhile now but I have only seen them at a crazy price point! Until I made this collage with the top left transparent chair only being about $79 at Ikea, I went bananas *insert Rachel Zoe's voice*. Also, on my most recent trip to the city (NYC) I went to Urban Outfitters and discovered what a terrarium was and had to throw it into the mix. I love the idea of having nature in your home, call me a green gal I don't care. The rest of this collage I made based off of what I would have in my home or apartment. It gives you a bit of a chic Mediterranean villa vibe right?

White Mediterranean Interior

White shade

Moustache white area rug
$1,385 - madeindesign.co.uk

Ceramic home decor

Red furniture

Transparent chair
$850 - barkerandstonehouse.co.uk

Geometric Terrarium Pod, Air Plant Glass Terrarium, Glass Planter

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