Monday, June 9, 2014

We Command Attention | Talent Show Case

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    It's Emani Mone and today I am going to shed light on this extremely diverse event I styled and attended on Saturday night. The event was named We Command Attention, which of course fit like a glove because all the talent that performed were not only seeking attention THEY COMMANDED it. This event was a talent showcase and talent was definitely in the air. From the models, to the performers, right down to the chef everyone COMMANDED attention to their god given talents.
    The event started with the beauty Brittany Sky (Which I styled) and Kahh Spence introducing themselves and getting the crowd ready for what was to come. Following their brief on stage presence begun the fashion show which introduced about 5 street wear designers who are really changing the game. Afterwards, we had a brief cocktail mix & mingle in which we got to partake in food from Omars-Kitchen.Com. The food was so amazing I literally sat in the kitchen and kept conversation with him. After my food escapades the show started again with musical talent! Each performer had about an 8 to 10 minute set which each artist brought it and blew my mind away in. I honestly did not expect all of the artists to actually be..AMAZING but they were especially the surprise talent Kahh Spence. Overall the event was very influential just to see so many people putting themselves out there; at the end I was just thinking how hard I am going to push myself. Not to mention wishing the event were longer and had more food!

Kahh Spence & Brittany Sky (Styled By E)

Killed The Stage Beat Boxing & Singing/Rapping


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