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Entertainment Spotlight | Iman Europe

        So I am pretty sure if you are a YouTube junkie or Sound Cloud junkie alike you have heard this amazing talented soul Iman Europe. Well we have an exclusive random questionnaire with her answers about life and about being an artist in New York City. Keep in mind that Iman Europe is a New York native but moved to California while she was younger so she has the best of both worlds as far as sound. All this girl does is move move and make magical music so do not let this Twenty-Something year old surprise you with her next cover or solo project. So stay tuned to this interview and please do me a favor and check out her music. 

1. Do you remember the first song you ever heard?

- I'm really not sure. "Rock-a-bye Baby", I suppose.

2. Who is your favorite artist to pull from sort of like a muse? 

- Andre 3000

3. Do you think everyday experiences affect your music?

-Most definitely. All my songs are pulled from things I've either experienced first hand or witnessed. No superficiality here.

4. What song are you most proud of?

- This song called "Rocket" off of my upcoming project Caterpillar/Butterfly. Every time I'm like, "Wow...that's me?" Haha. I'm also in love with my latest single "Kneva Know".

5. How is it being an artist surrounded by other artists in NYC?

- Difficult, at times, but also very inspiring. New York is a very motivating place. Seeing how hard everyone around me grinds keeps me on my toes.

6. What would you be doing if you were not a musician?

- Not sure, but I wouldn't be achieving my fullest potential.

7. How do you feel when you get compared to people in the music game?

- It depends on who it is. When it's Erykah or Lauryn, I'm honored beyond expression, but if it's someone who I'm not inspired by, I'm like, "Nah, man. Try again."

8. What is your song writing process?

- I go off of the music first. The beat has to captivate me and I take it all from there.

9. How long does it usually take you to finish a song?

- Eh, about 45 minutes max.

10. How do you feel about censorship? 

- Honestly, I think the world in general could use more censorship. Kids these days know too much. So yeah, I'm all for censorship.

11. Do you know how to play any instruments? 

- Yep, I've played the piano since I was about 7. I stopped once I got to college, though. Those lessons get expensive after a while, yah'mean?

12. Is your family supportive of music as a full-time career?

- Since day 1. They always encourage me to keep pushing forward even when I can't see where the road is leading. Wouldn't have gotten this far without their love, support and wisdom.

13. Do you think a song can affect your mood?

- Most definitely. I can be in the worst mood and "She Lives In My Lap" will come on and touch my soul, or be in a good mood and hear a sad song and start to cry. I'm very moved by music. I believe we all are.

14. How did you get that lovely voice!!!

- Haha thank you! I sang in the choir a little bit as a child and my current voice trainer is the choir director, so I kinda lucked up. Plus, ya know, the natural gift and all.

15. How do you feel when people use your songs on YouTube?

- So very honored. It shows me how infectious good music is and how supportive humans naturally are. Just wanna take this time to say thanks to everybody for helping spread the word! [:

16. What is your favorite genre of music?

- Hmm, that's difficult. It's between Soul and Hip-Hop... can't chose.

17. Do you use current or past relationships in songs?

- Yes, I use both. Gotta mix it up so he can't tell if I'm singing about him or not.

18. Who is someone that you would love to collaborate with musically?

- Andre 3K, Badu, Yeezy, Partynextdoor, Drizzy, Iman Omari... the list goes on and on.

19. Do you think GOOD music is a lost art?

- Not at all, it's just harder to find. But when you find it, it's precious. Like a diamond. 

20. Why?

- Because art that comes from the soul can never be lost.

21. What's next for you?

- Progression. My next project "Caterpillar/Butterfly" is sure to shake the world a little bit. Very excited to walk into the doors it's bound to open for me.

Reading her answers just really gave me a sneak peak into her brain. I loved what i saw so far as to drive and comparison. It is just something about seeing other people chase their dreams that make you chase yours even harder! Be sure to check out her new project coming soon and follow her on instagram +ImanEurope  or keep up with her via 

Press Play And Listen To Her To Cover Take Off Your Cool By Andre 3000

Thank You So Much Iman For The Feature!
Also, thank you to everyone reading, commenting and subscribing you guys continue to amaze me!

Emani Mone 

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