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7 Tips To Lose 7 Lbs.

      So I know you guys are probably wondering is the blog title just an attention grabber or am I really going to lose weight if I follow this blog posts ideas? Well I am telling you personally I know these tips work. If you are a frequent reader you know my name is Emani Mone and I am in my second year of college. Being in college I have seen myself and so many others gain weight just from not being as active in college as in High School. I honestly gained 12 pounds in my first year of college between working 20-35+ hours at my old job and keeping up with my 5 classes that I took that semester. I honestly "had no time"to eat healthy or to workout. The reason why I put quotes around had no time is because you always have time to pre-plan the lack of planning is the reason why I began to gain weight.

Tip #1


Detox by definition (noun) means to a process or period of time in which one abstains from or rids the body of toxic or unhealthy substances. So what are you going to do to start your journey to losing weight? Replace all juice and soda with water! I know it sounds like a drag so I have a bit of a remix. Detox water. If done right it can taste soooooo good and be so healthy for you as well. I honestly went out and bought a cute little mason jars <3. The taste is usually better when you let the fruit sit for about 3-6 hours not to mention you get all the vitamins and nutrients that aid in all of these health benefits.

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Tip #2

Know Your Weight

The reason why people gain so much weight is because they do not even know what their current weight is. Know your weight, set a goal and follow through. You have enough time in your day to preplan your meal plan. We all have smart phones just tell siri to remind you it works!

Tip #3

Calorie Count

I am not telling you to sit there and ask the waiter for the calorie count on everything you think sounds delicious. I am simply saying to look at this chart and align your meal plan along with this. Your intake will benefit your weight loss and gain.

Tip #4

Cut Out Dairy

Dairy is a number one contributor in gaining weight. Dairy quickly turns into carbs which can turn into fat if you do not get up and work out.

Tip #5


Yoga is a cool way to get the blood pumping and to move every part of your body without the old run on the treadmill hassle. Since yoga is basically stretching its time consuming and you do not need to pay for machines. Here are some cool poses that you can do to stay active and remember an hour of exercise each day simply means an hour of continual movement.  

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Tip #6

Fiber O's 

You do not literally have to eat Fiber O's because i honestly think they taste horrible. But, fiber is a healthy and balanced part of any diet. Not saying you are on a diet but a healthier way of life. Eat foods that enrich your body because I am pretty sure you have people in your life who want to see you live a long one. Also, fiber is a natural stimulate for happiness! Be happy, Be healthy

Tip #7


Many people skip meals thinking that the weight loss fairies will magically visit them just for cutting that meal. When in fact the more meals you miss your body goes into survival mode which stores fat quicker to hold onto what ever you actually are giving your body. I once fell into this thought and found out that I gained more weight than I loss. No matter whether you are happy or depressed just keep your normal meal plan and remember to drink some H20.

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